[MOD] Extended Unit Info 2.0

Extended Unit Info 2.0

Version 2.0 is a complete re-work of Version 1.0 which is now more like Civ Techs In Tooltips, a mod to quickly look up the information for each unit-line by hovering over it in an extra bar at the top.

Extended Unit Info 2.0 replaces the decorative top-bordure with icons for all Unit-Lines which can be hovered upon to get the following base stats about the units of each line: Training Time, Costs, Speed, HP, Armor, Piercing Armor, Attack (Attack-Cooldown), Line Of Sight, Range, Accuracy, AttackBoni and Strengths, Weaknesses

Link: Extended Unit Info

Alternate Layout Version

This alternate layout version is a separate mod (you only need one of them) for use with the vanilla UI, placed below the standard resourcepanel at the top.

Link: Extended Unit Info (alternate layout)