Mod Folder Question

I have created a test mod to see how the modding works in DE, but I have run into some problems and I don’t know what the problem is. I’ve changed some player colors, edited some unit stats and some strings to start testing with it. My mod folder looks like this with the 3 files:

…mods/local/My Mod Name/Data/protoy.xml (4,86 MB)
…mods/local/My Mod Name/Data/playercolors.xml (2 KB)
…mods/local/My Mod Name/Data/strings/English/stringtabley.xml (3,14 MB)

I followed the hiearchy of the folders, yet when I check ‘My Mods’ in-game, it says my mod is 3,14 MB only. However, only the unit stat changes work that I’ve made in protoy.xml when I test it, the player colors don’t change, also the string that I changed remained the same. I have triple checked the couple lines that I had changed, there are no syntax or semantic errors.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this?

You don’t need a mod to change colors anymore, it is an official option in the “Accessibility” section.

From what I’ve heard, strings are cached and you need to change your game language back and forth to apply any changes.

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Can you change friend or foe colours this way?

Thanks, that explains a lot.

Changing the language to a different one then back to English solved the problem. Although you have to do this every time you start the game which seems really impractical… hopefully they can change this.

I still don’t understand why it says 3,14 MB as my mod size, when I have more in there.

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does anyone know how to put these drummer and flagbearer ?