[MOD] Gold Frame Blue Glas UI 1.1

Gold Frame Blue Glas UI


mappanel close-up

commandpanel close-up

spectator/replay mode

spectator/replay mode close-up

Note 1): At time of writing, after activating a UI mod, AOE2DE needs to be restarted for it to be loaded correctly.

Gold Frame Blue Glas UI features:

  • Transparent panels with golden frames.
  • Resourcepanel and mappanel are merged into one.
  • Mapsize is 40% bigger than vanilla.
  • “Housed!” flashing is bigger and brighter than vanilla.
  • Resource icons and counters are also bigger.
  • Top- and bottom decorative screen-bordures are removed to increase visible gameplay area.

Version 1.1:
Adjusted GlobalQueue position to not be covered by fixed position tooltips anymore (set GlobalQueue display to “1 Row” in the game options).

Link: Gold Frame Blue Glas UI


Ramblings: Made this primarily for myself but some others are enjoying it too already. The reasoning behind merging the resources and the map into a single panel was that I keep looking at my res in-game but forget to check the mini-map regularly to see what’s going on in game… this way, my eyes are already there, so I pick up the action on the map easier now.


Gold Frame Blue Glas UI Compact Version

An alternate version of the Gold Frame Blue Glas UI which re-arranges the commandpanel and info to make it overall more compact.

Link: Gold Frame Blue Glas UI Compact Version