Mod guide?

Are there any mod guides, I couldn’t find any. I want to make a simple mod, replacing some music files.

I’ve already done this on HD version on Steam Workshop, but it’s so long ago that I have no idea how it all worked and if it’s even the same for DE.

Any help is highly appreciated!

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Steam modding guides including audio modding guide

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No guides for unit modding. :pensive:

Would like this as well. All I want is for my units to look the way they did in real aoc for the past 20 years. Anything and everything possible to make this game look the way it used to would be welcome.

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Even if you could replace all the graphics vanilla graphics the new unit skins buildings would still look like the current graphics.

So we have to be pseudo-audio engineers now and jump through a dozen hoops just to customize or add taunts, or decrease the volume of sounds that are way too loud? Lovely.

I might be more okay with this if the new taunts didn’t sound like placeholder voice recordings and the audio was equalized to have more warmth, but alas. As such, I feel forced to have to modify them someday, but now have to do a bunch of file conversions and audio gymnastics to pull it off… when I should just be able to drag and drop several MP3s/WAVs I already customized in HD over to DE, or open MP3s/WAVs from DE and simply edit them as I did with HD.

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