Mod Idea: Siege units can be taken by the enemy if left alone (like sheeps)

Actually people rather destroy siege units in first place and after it the other units of the army.

But what will happen if everybody knows that if a group of siege units are left alone and a enemy approach to them will be converted to the enemy’s arny changing the color automatically like happens with sheeps and scouts? There will be a deph change on the way people attack to the units and will not snipe siege first.

Of course this idea would need to be implemented on a mod of the game. What do you think?

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I’ve been suggesting something similar in topics related to siege: you should have to assign infantry to man it, and if said infantry is killed, the siege can be taken by any infantry.

When built, the siege unit would come with two siege engineers, but if they are killed any infantry (of any player) can take control. Regular infantry would have accuracy and reload speed penalization, and ranged infantry only reload speed penalization.

You could even push “eject” on order to abandon a siege engine and destroy it before leaving for the enemy.

And of course, siege should be much slower: it’s ridiculous that it can be faster than infantry or even heavy cavalry.

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Maybe also make the none siege enginear units break the siege unit, over time, for each use. It will it will conter the unstopable snow ball effect.

Sounds interesting but TBH is so much micro. Making the bombards or trebuchets like sheeps would be so easy to steal and use against the enemy.

Imagine stealing a Chinese bombard lmao.

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This is actually how artillery behaves in the Cossacks games. Any artillery unit without friendly units nearby can be captured by the enemy (and buildings as well actually). It worked well there, you can attack a besieging army and if you manage to win, the artillery are your spoils of war.

That’s also how it is in reality. Not just winning an engagement matters, but also battlefield control. If you can salvage your (and opposing) tanks and artillery from the battlefield you can put them into action again after repairs, which is almost as important as destroying enemy units.


You think it will be possible with mods on 2022?

The answer will be no. XD

Remembrer age of empire 3 map editor ?

You can only place units and land, but you can’t modify them. XD

Yet alone, bring in new sprite to the game.