Mod ideas (night mode, garrisoning, single-player trade...)

My requests…nay, demands (in no particular order)!

  1. Night mode
  2. Garrisoning units in respective buildings post-creation. All civs can garrison vills in houses…that’s what they’re for. See #3.
  3. Garrisoned units take siege damage if building is razed with them inside; possibly killed. Adds common sense approach while still not allowing games to go on forever.
  4. Single-player trading between towns (TCs) at reduced rate (think national vs. international trade); trading is nullified in single-player currently.
  5. Smart units (e.g. pikes attack cav instead of champs when both present, archers attack champs over skirms when both present) and units don’t run headlong into a castle/keep unless player forces.

So let it be written, so let it be developed. :slight_smile:


Night Mode on AoE II 2013 on Steam will be awesome!! with light torches on the buildings and in the walls and in the towers :heart_eyes: