Mod manager need improvments


The mod manager don’t help you to find mod. You go there to download a mod that you have heard of.
The issue with it is ranking by number of download doesn’t indicate if a mod is great.

  • It’s only download because of the naming, brief description and the image
  • First to upload a mod, will be the most download (you won’t download the 2nd or 3rd in the ranking)
    How to improve it?
  • Display the number of game play with the mod activated and not the number of download.

I like play with data mod and there is a lot of games in the lobby with data mod and CBA isn’t in the top and the highest rank of a cba isn’t the one play.

Mod/scenario are very important, remember that’s from warcraft that was made dota and lol. Mod can be insane and creators need a better way to be known.