Mod publishing broken?

It appears mod publishing is not reliable since last patch. get errors when opening game and when trying to publish a mod. I could not find a notification if this is a known issue.

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We have noticed and heard some members of the modding community talk about these issues.
we have resolved some, but we understand that there are other issues to fix.

Do you have specific details about your encounter with this issue?
Any logs you can share?

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Publish failed
unable to complete this action. please try again later.
Error code: C26T-9995R01X000 414D506200CC

If you tell me what logs you need I would be happy to share them.


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I cant update my mod after the patch of yesterday - Age of Empires IV / IV - Report a Bug - Age of Empires Forum

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if you are on Windows store (xbox), you should try to log off and log back into the account you are using and see if that is fixed.
There were some server fixes last night.

A reboot just now appears to have resolved the issue.