Mod Ratings

Feel the in game mod section needs to be improved.

At least 5 votes to be placed in the Rating section

In game reviews instead of having to go to the mod web site

It takes to long for the mod page to load, have to wait till all mods are downloaded

If it doesn’t have a icon picture should be placed at the bottom of the page

On the front in game page should have top 20 downloaded mods and maps in rotation, maybe 4 under the news section area


The official website mod browser also suffers in user experience and is semi-broken.

Having to open and close a toggling filter pane is annoying each time, and for some reason it always defaults to AoE2 mods. User has to keep opening up the filter pane and selecting AoE4 on every page load which creates a terrible user experience.

Clicking on author’s name that has published multiple AoE4 mods also shows a, “no results” message because it doesn’t persist selected game state and keeps defaulting to AoE2 in the filtered options.

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This suggestion is very good

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