Mod Request: Idle TC notification

I was recently looking at my weak spots at the Game und then searched for Mods to maybe help me with those and my pretty much biggest problem was, that I am ideling my TC way to much and was kinda confused, that there wasn´t a Mod for that already.

Haven´t modded any Game ever and wanted to ask if someone who is into Modding could make such a Mod, that every time ALL Tcs are idle (So it doesnt play the sound over and over if you want to boom and can´t keep up every single TC yet) it plays a noteable sound or/and shows a clear visable message that your TC is idle.

As I said, I dont have much experience with modding, but i believe, that this would be a fairly easy one to make, especially because in the “Art of War” section in i belive “Fast Castle Age” there already is a function like this build in, which tells you, that your TC is not making villager (Could even use that Sound, as it is perfectly fitting already).

I really think that would be the single most helpful Mod to make in AoE 2 and me as many others i believe would be really thankful, if someone could make such a Mod


Art of War is ‘scenario’ and scenarios uses triggers to notice you also with triggers you can get whatever you want (Free units OP units Resources even killing units basically all of campaigns stuff). But with mods (even someone suscessfully makes it) you can’t do that in ranked game. I don’t know about do that on map generation script. They may can do a mod which is adds something to TC’s when idle to notice you (Like idle villager mod -it just changes stand graphic-) but you can’t see them when you are focussing on raiding or fighting.

I recommend check production ui (I don’t know its name) at top left corner. It tells you everything you are producing/researching. Even you can see your idle Blacksmith/Stable etc.

Also another choose is assign group to your army. Check TC with hotkey (it must be “H”) and go your army by group.

I don’t know if it could work the same way but an idle villager mod already exists so I suppose an idle TC mod could exist.

This would really be useful. By far, an idle TC is my biggest weakness. An alert or mod would really help me practice and improve.

Not exactly what you are looking for, but as a new player who have the same problem as you, I have made a mod for myself (named “Alert for Empty Queue”), which adds a red icon below the resource panel. It is visible only when the global production queue is empty, which serves as an alert when the TC is idle in dark age. Personally I found it helpful as it significantly reduces the time for me to realize that the TC is idle, and it helped me to earn the gold medal for the first Art of War challenge.

Note that it may not serve the purpose well in late game when you have multiple production buildings working in parallel… You may want to modify the mod to make the red icon wider so that it will only be blocked by ≥ X productions to fit for your purpose.