Mod request: mods for fruit tree, vegetable, oil well and others

See, I’ve played War of Liberty and I was impressed with the amounts of new contents regarding resources. There were banana, coffee tree, bush tomatoes, vanilla plant, date palm, sugar cane, breadfruit tree, apple tree, orange tree, rubber tree, peanuts (not kidding!), oil well, jade mine, diamond mine, sapphire mine…etc. You gather either food or coins from those. You can also paint your own farmland in the paint terrain section of the scenario editor…tilt earth as well as the usual farmland in the mill. I’ve used the scenario editor to build myself a sugar plantation. I wonder if there’s any of such mod on DE. I’ve spotted that new animal mod and I gladly subscribed it. But for fruit tree, vegetable and oil well…etc, unfortunately I haven’t found any just yet. It would be great if we can hop off the berries.

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