[Mod Request] Original Narration for AoK, Conquerors, and Historical Battles

Just like with the original music mod, I think it would serve to the nostalgia of many to hear the old campaign voices again.

As much as I love the new narration for the new campaigns and the authenticity with the updated narration for the old campaigns - I would still like to see an audio mod that replaces the older original campaigns with their original voice actor narrators.

The most important one to me is the narrator for the Historical Battles. I simply miss the other voice actor’s smooth and deep voice lol.

I recognize that the dialogue has been updated too so it wouldn’t fit entirely with the new scripts, but I think that is entirely negligible.

But it already exists. Look for “Original AoE2 campaign”. You can also replace the backgrounds and images of the slides.

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Oh wow! The mods search function is really weird. I gave up after searching separate keywords, but apparently putting that altogether brings up entirely different mods. Thank you!