Mod Request: Sicilians---> Normans

Hi everyone can u please make a mod where the civilization name of sicilians is turned into Normans please as i think that will be cooler than the sicilian name.


In custom maps/campaigns you can do it using the triggers introduced with the Anniversary Update

I know that and i use ot a lot of times but what i meant is the Norman Name of the civ in an ranked or multiplayer game, thats a point where the triggers wont help

Shouldnt everybody have the mod if you want to play mp?

no, it is just like small trees, this kind of mod would be nice

ill try to make one… shouldnt be hard modding some strings

Here ya go. Age of Empires - Mods - Normans instead of Sicilians


thanks man, apreciate it

All mods are allowed in ranked play except Data Mods.

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At first i downloaded the mod and thought that it wasnt working, after i restarted the game however it worked just fine, thanks again man!

Yep, no problem! Glad you like it.