Mod Request, simple tuning/mod for Mongol upgrade

Hey! I’ve tried myself checking out the AoE4 editor, but this stuff goes way beyong my head and understanding.

I am wondering if there is any kind souls that could make a very simple Tuning pack or Mod that applies to Mongols.

And that is giving Mangudai +3 torch damage vs Buildings and Siege.
And having it apply to Mangudai’s Range attack.

Either by just simply adding/modifying existing upgrade to apply +3 Bonus damage to Buildings and Siege from their arrow.

Reason for this is I have been doing a thought experiment, and would like to try to test it out in practice.
In order to Re-balance the Mangudai unit.

As Mangudai’s are a unit that is heavily underused for mongols and is in all honesty, not a good unit at all, and increadible niché. You never see them used in Pro-games ever, for a good reason, and even among more casual rankings, they are not to commonly used untill you reach the level where people really struggle with Micro and multitasking, and have no idea how to deal with a mobile ranged unit.

My theory is that applying +3 Torch damage (+5 with improved upgrade) i.e the Ovoo torch upgrade, would allow the Mangudai to excell as a Raiding unit, and a great flanking unit when siege becomes common-place in the mid-late to late games.
And overall would not change how Mangudai perform against other Units at all, maintaining their balance, but giving them a specialised role instead which makes them more viable.