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can someone make a mod where there are dinosaur or dragon units?

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Can someone please make a mod that allows British greater access to highlanders. Highland regiments have been a staple of the British army since the act of union and I think they are largely under represented in the AOE3de British Civ.

I think that a relatively balanced way to do this is by changing the mechanic on the “Black Watch” church tech card, that normally delivers 8 highlanders in age 3, to instead allow Brits to train highlanders from Barracks, Galleons, forts, etc. (the price of such a research tech should be increased to around 2000 food).

I think to make them stand out from highlanders available to other nations, the “Black Watch” highlanders should have a green/blue tartan and be affected by all the British musketeer’s home city cards (musk/gren damage 15%, team musk/gren hitpoints 15%, and musk/gren combat 15%) but be given an additional food cost (200 coin + 100 food + 2 pop).

I would be greatly appreciative if someone could make this mod for me or tell me how I could make it myself, thank you!

Ps. If you could also add the ability to train drummers from the church that would be very useful too as the “Thin Red Line” tech really slows down my British infantry. (Maybe add surgeons there too :wink: )

You should open your own topic for such things

Yeah I did in the end. Sorry was my first time using this forum last night. :slight_smile:


what about the dinosaurs

Well if you truly want dinosaurs and dragons you might as well add aliens too, as at least then you would feel like you’re playing in the original book “War of the Worlds” by H.G.Wells. :slight_smile:

But there are many different types of Aliens:

  • Tripod Operators who reside in a special fluid (Like in War of the Worlds)
  • Grey Aliens (Like this one :alien:)
  • Formics (Like Ants in Ender’s Game)
    Which alien would suffice here, how to decide?
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Definitely need Tripods Operators in this mod, that would be soo cool. Imagine you’re playing a casual skirmish with another player, and out of nowhere a load of asteroids fall out the sky mid game and turn into tripods. Suddenly your new objective is to survive the aliens not defeat your foe. (maybe you have to team up with with your previous opponent)

video for inspiration for tripods (excuse the love interest)

Imagine this being all your villagers running about, and your desperately trying to use your navy to down these monsters.

I created a mod about dinosaur units.
This is the link to my mod discussion:
Beasts of the Lost World (v.1.0) - Age of Empires III: DE / Mod Discussion - Age of Empires Forum

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i will check out thanks a lot