Mod stacking

It seems like we should be able to stack Tuning Packs, of all things, with a basic load order system. But it would be nice if we could reuse any mod in our own projects like in Skyrim.

The Skyrim method: set a mod file as a master for your mod, this way any .scar and .rdo from our masters would be easily accessible. Rebuilding my own mod was harder than it should be, even opening an .rdo in another mod leaves most of the string fields blank.

We can import .scar, very useful for modular programming, but I simply won’t rip the work of other modders unless given express permission.

Seems like people are stuck working on similar mod ideas. There’s no collaboration in the system design itself. To encourage reusing other peoples work and in a transparent way. Expecting modders to collaborate on a project in any other way is not realistic, most of them work sporadically and alone. Some even try to steal from the modder.

Considering we can’t even add new assets, not yet anyway, a player could have every mod and the mod folder still isn’t eating up drive space. So the Skyrim system would be fine, which does allow custom assets to boot.