Mod to let players "play" after defeat

We are a large group of friends that likes to play together. It happens sometimes that one player gets defeated early in the game and has to sit and wait for the game to end or for a team to give up.

Is there a Mod that either gives the opportunity to:

  1. Share control of your civ with a dead player like when you select the same colors in the lobby?


  1. Add some sort of interactions for dead players like healing, spawning resources/building/units to aid one team in battle?

just and idea:
You could make a custom map and make triggers for several spawn points after a player units count gets below 5 to spawn 5 vills from that player on the edge of the map. that is how noone can get defeated until they resign :smiley:

There’re no mod that can help you, but here’s an idea: Create a new villiager unit which only spawn once when castle or imperial age reached. He has infinity HP/armor so he can’t be killed (You can make him has more resistance to convert or not, up to you).
When 1 of your teammate is attacked and is about to be defeated, he can run that villager to their teammate’s base and rebuild.

If you like the idea, I can help creating that mod.

im more interested in having 10-12 players in this game. but then I think of how much more it’d lag 24