Mod Website Unreliablity

Why is this website so horrifically unreliable? On any given day I want to upload a mod I am lucky if one of four browsers is able to successfully do the job. Sometimes I can’t login at all. Sometimes I’m logged in but get stuck in an endless loop of logging in again when I try to view my mods. And today I can view my mod, even edit my mod, but if I try to submit my edit…I get stuck in another endless loop of having to login again.

How hard is it to provide such basic functionality in a website in this day and age?


There was an issue with some logins, it has now been resolved. It’s far more than just a web site which is what complicates things and can at times make it unstable. We’re continuing to make improvements.

Unfortunately, you are mistaken in thinking your issue has been resolved. Logged out, cleared cached, and tried again with the same issues…again tried in separate browsers.

If there was any communication it wouldn’t be so bad. If there was a tweet or a webpage saying “our stuff is broken! (again)” I wouldn’t be on a forum complaining. But instead the whole service is dysfunctional for most of the day with no information provided.

There’s no communication because there’s not a problem with the site. Feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance with your issue.

I also have been having issues and it seems to stem from the fact that the website wants me to login using my steam account to access my mods and synch everything, but in other places it requires your xbox life account to upload etc etc etc. All of the microsoft websites anymore are subvertly demanding that you have the latest OS and thier latest browser or you will experience inconsistent issue after issue. I’m sorry I don’t want to turn my work station into a giant mobile device and even if I play the game on a windows 10 pc I should still be able to access my mod account page on the website without needing the latest OS and such.

Maybe i’m being paranoid, but that’s what it feels like. I would pay double whatever the latest windows OS cost if it could be like just like 95, but run faster and not have these intentional feeling problems.

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