Mod Workshop still a major pain in the A for me

When I try to edit a mod

Third try I do arrive at the edit page. Here I can type new updates, I can add a ZIP folder, and edit the thumbnail.
I just want to edit the thumbnail. I notice that the default preview-icon is a .jpg file, funny because when I try to edit the mod in game it says the icon should be a .png file

Anyways, I try upload a new icon (.jpg file)
and click submit. I get another error…

Ok, back to try to edit the thumbnail ingame:
if I select the .jpg file I get an error (see above)
so, if I select a .png file I get this error:

Also, some more complaints about the modworkshop:

  • It really isn’t helpful to have so many ways to edit a mod. For example, on the website you can select a mod category, which you cannot do in game itself
  • First time I tried editing it on the website I couldnt even find my mod. Apperently I was signed in with my SteamAccount, rather than with my WindowsLive account… So confusing.
  • I cannot erase the text in the changelog, that bothers me because I wrote down changes in a bullet point list when making the mod via the game, however the whole text got reformatted so it now displays as plain text and not as a nice list…