Modders competition for when the Map Editor is released

In order to have high quality maps and include them in the Pool of competitive maps in the future, a competition could be devised between Modders specialized in designing maps (once a month or every 2 months) and then people vote on what they like the most and the winner receives a monetary reward.

What is your opinion?

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I personally like the idea, but I will wait to see what modding tools are actually provided.


Would love to see that happen.

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If I remember SC 2 did this and used the winners maps live for a limited time. Mabe it was another game I’m not sure.
Great Idea . I really hope they do something like this and redo it like every 6 months to keep maps fresh. Prizes could be all in-game(special pics or decales) or a gift card or something. Low low cost for Relic and in return high quality maps that are fair

They (Relic) have incorporated community maps into CoH 2 I believe, so this isn’t an impossible idea.

I’m hoping there’s enough interest to build a self-sufficient community regardless, but I’m never going to say no to incentive!