Moddifying Dat files with Genie Editor

So I have Genie Editor
I have a few objectives

  1. I want to make a few select hero units capture-able if possible (ie can be converted). As I understand it the regeneration and the non-convertion are serpate things because the non-convertion feature is shared by heroes and and non convertible buildings, ie castles kreposts, Town centers.

But I need to know where this non-convertable feature is for hero units

  1. Same for the Crusader Knights (can you guess I’m stuck in the Lithuanian campaign?)

  2. Want to do this for the buildings. I want to capture the Russian Monasteries (can you guess I’m stuck in the Lithuanian campaign?)

  3. I want to be able to use rams and Siege engines as battlefield taxis for monks and villagers. Fun fun fun!

BTW, I play no multiplayer ever. I have have ZERO interest outside of the masterpiece achievement and that’s gonna be by negotiation and even then thtr’s a long way off.

I’m looking at this and I’m not sure how to find the features I need to tweek so any help would be fantastic.