Modding/Adding Technology Icons

I’m a long time modder since hd and I’ve been getting used to modding in de but I’m still figuring some things out
I’m aware that icon mods have to be in the widgetui - textures- ingame - techs/units and all
Adding one, say unit icon 356 and telling the data to look there, it won’t use the graphic.

So I assumed that there was something that lists out the array of unit and tech icons, and i was right. Icons.json is exactly what i was looking for.
I copied, added into the ui mod, added a new entry for a new technology icon
“125” : “TechIconsT125Phalanx”
And… No dice

So since it didn’t work in the enable-disable Test UI mod (which handles the icons and language), I copied and added it to the data mod with the same location of course.
Nothing. Are the jsons not moddable? Am I doing something wrong?


Any of the dev team around that could help me with this subject, or if someone else has figured it out?

theres quite a bit going into it, in short you edit icon.jsons with replacement method, or you edit materials.json + icons.json allows you to add but with limits.

I don’t recommend add method unless you have a lot of icons, changing materials.json can break the UI with each update which is what happened to me in both July update and july hotfix update, had to update the file twice.

for details you can look at how its done from this mod.

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Thanks for the heads up