Modding available early 2022

According to the steam page, modding will be available early 2022.
It comes just few months after release. Seems cool !

What are your thoughts ?


I think it is bad - it almost sounds like it is being added as an afterthought which sounds like it will be half baked. Also games have a habit of promising and not delivering.

It should be in from release.

Sounds great! They can focus more on getting the actual game up to and through launch, and less time/energy worrying about keeping ancillary mod tools in tip-top shape or in-sync with the latest included/excluded features of the game before launch

To nottudwill’s point, hopefully they’ve kept modding in mind the whole time and planted seeds in the code or framework while building the game that will allow mod tools to be fairly easily fleshed-out. I have a feeling they’ve been building a good modding foundation and just want time to clean it up, update, or polish it more post-launch

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I’m a little worried, rts games are generally very moddable soon or right after release. the thought of the game having official mod support months after release doesn’t give a lot of confidence. bright side could be a robust modding tool when it does arrive.

hopefully the game files are easily and directly modifiable and there is some scenario editor on launch.

We already knew that modding will not be available for the release (interview of Adam Isgreen). Hence, I hope they thought about modding in early development stage so we can have a good tool as you said.

its never an afterrhought if its teased from the beginning. This actually means it will be better because it WONT be rushed to release :slight_smile:


The worry is this - in games like AOM the editor was used to make the content of the game such as the campaign. This form of development meant when the game was complete there was an editor immediately available and has the ability to almost make anything those maps have. However if it isn’t released with the game that suggests it will be separate leading to likely result that the editor will be limited in what it can do.

another approach of thinking- the devs of course already have a scenario editor. But theats for devs. So they need to make it user-friendly. But that costs time - so better release the game full, and then add the editor later, which alreaady works excepts being userfirendly