Modding Feature Requests for AoM: Definitive Edition

I’ll Start off, but remember not to include trigger requests, as that should be it’s own thing:

  1. Conversation - To explain in simple terms, the Resources last 15% longer bonus in AoE2, or Trees last 10% longer Sawmills bonus in AoE3DE. Must be interfaceable with technologies (techtreex.x.xml) Say Oak Trees last 15% longer when gathered by Greek Villager when a tech with increases conversation for that specific tree has finished researching.*
  2. Garrison Healing - Whether or not to give Nu Wa a proper bonus (instead of gimmicky classical age markets) This should probably be controlled via a protoaction param used under the heal action (i.e if a unit has GarrisonHeal flag under their heal action, it means the unit will only heal if a unit is garrisoned) alternatively it might be wiser to just have it be it’s own protoaction.
  3. Healing Aura - Basically the ability to heal units around an area of a healer, the radius should be controlled by a value2 value (value1 being used for the healing rate) Think Healing Spring, but not tied to the exe, and for proto-units.
  4. Expose Poison, and MirrorDamage (aka Leech aka Troll healing when dealing damage to other units) effects as the former is exclusive to WhirlwindAttack protoactions, and the latter seems to be hardcoded to Jiangshi and Troll. I.e poison damage for Handattacks.
  5. Allow the ability create custom Unittypes. Simply put the ability to create things like AbstractLightInfantry, AbstractNorseHero, etcetera, and let them be interfaceable with both techtree.xml and proto.xml. (i.e instead of a unit having to list a bonus against every single protounit in it’s attack bonuses seperately, it can just refer to a custom tag that would be easier to use, similar with techtree interfacing, as it would allow you to increase the abstract unittype of the units, instead of the units individually) and much more simple. Listing new unittypes should be done via a new .xml called unittypes.xml (seperate from unitaitypes.xml)*
  6. Expose BuildingWorkRate, and ResearchPoints to the techtree so technologies that decrease research times, and increasing buildingworkrates (i.e train and research faster) can be added.
  7. Addition of flags or protoaction params that can “trick” Unpack/Pack functionality, such as TransformOnAttack and TransformOnMove. Essentially what it does, when these flags are in say RangedAttack/HandAttack, rather than the unit “attacking” it just automatically transforms instead (instead of having to manually press the build button) Move is the same
  8. The Ability to add technologies to the progress bar via a flag (i.e ProgressionBarTech) which can be placed under a tech in the techtree.xml.**
  9. Extend the Repair protoaction ability to also be able affect units with the AbstractSiegeWeapon unittype, so builder units could also be able to repair siege weapons a-la AoE1 and AoE2 instead of non-sensical healing (though this would have to be dummied out for the base game, by not including rates for it)
  10. Addition of a basic “Stealth” ability, this could be done via a StealthUnit flag, which basically like the VisibleOwnerOnly flag, however, unlike that, units with a new tag: CanSeeStealthUnit will be able to see units with that tag in their LOS. Allies can also see units with StealthUnitFlag aswell.*
  11. Expose WallBuild or allow new forms of WallBuild type flags (i.e PalisadeWallBuild) to be created via unittypes.xml file.*
  12. Increase the maximum amount of buttons in the commandpanel via row, and column definitions in the game.cfg file that the techtree.xml and proto.xml can interface with (i.e by default the values would be 8 columns, and 3 rows like commandpanelcolumns 7, commandpanelrows 2, 0 = 1, etc)
  13. Alternatively reintroduce commandpanel pages, and the tabs ability in the uimain.xml file (a-la AoE2’s building command panels) and additionally proto flags to be able to show these buttons (to be able to access other pages) depending if a unit has the flags or not (i.e ShowEconomyButton, ShowMilitaryButton, etc) as well as a button to instantly go back to the “first” or default page (i.e 1)*
  14. A protoaction param for AreaAttack called AreaAttackWhenAlive, which simply puts disables the AreaAttack ability if the proto-unit is dead.
  15. Protoaction params for attacks to be able to ignore armour types when calculating damage (i.e IgnorePierceArmor, IgnoreHackArmor, IgnoreCrushArmor, etc) basically just true armour piercing effects.
  16. The return of Stone as a 6th Resource that is available as a modder’s resource (aka the hardcode data is there, but actual costs, appearing on the resource menu, tribute support, gather rates, adding Stonedropsite flags to units, etc - would need to be added via proto editing, allow it to interface with the techtree.xml too)*
  17. Someway to be able to control how and where a Caravan unit can unload it’s gold. For Example, adding naval trade units, they should be only able to trade to and from docks and naval shipyards, and land caravan units should only be able to trade to and from Markets and TCs, currently Land Caravan units will decide to just change to the furtherest building with the TradeableFrom flag, so they end up starting from a Dock, instead of a Market.*
  18. Add TradeableAllyOnly flag, so that Caravan units can be able to trade to and from the same proto unit type (i.e trade between an ally’s market, but be able to drop it off at your own market, but you can’t trade between your own markets)*
  19. Restore GiveSpeedBoost protoaction param so that it can actually be usable, and increase the speeds of units.
  20. Ability to control when a Transformation ability can be used, via enabling it via technologies. This could be done via a parameter in unittransform.xml, as otherwise transformations are tied directly to the unit and severely hampen the potential of the feature.
  21. Expose Partisan/Militia spawning function so other cultures/major gods may be able to use it (i.e Isis can have Spearmen spawn when her buildings are destroyed) in mods, rather than being exclusive to Poseidon.*
  • = denotes requests that are probably too major to include for whatever reason (i.e to complicated, modder feature; not needed, etc) doesn’t mean they should not be included, but they would be nice to have.
    ** = WarriorMario implied this may never be possible for whatever reason, despite still being able to add custom minor gods anyway, so I can’t understand why it SHOULDN’T be possible.

Note: WarriorMario said that we’ll never see the ability to add new cultures/major gods, probably because it would get in the way of future DLCs.

Also forgot! The Ability to add custom random unit names for units (like the Hersir, and Pharaoh) would be awesome too, even though it’d be a * feature.