Modding Support for Custom Campaign

Hi everyone, I’m working on a custom campaign for AOE2, I was keen to see if anybody would like to help with some modding? The custom campaign is being voiced over as we speak, map design is done and triggers are about 10% through.

I wanted to see if someone could help create a new civ by replacing an existing civ, replace a hero icon with a custom one, I may also require a couple units to have a really slow decay time and finally edit some existing heroes to create 3 new ones.

So, if anyone is handy with 3D modelling and wanted to give it a go that would be great, if not any help around the other items would be great.

I will credit you in the campaign!

Hi, friend.
I’m going to explain one thing to you. Making mods is not a simple and fast task, it requires a lot of time, it is not only designing in 3D, it is programming, it is a constant trial and error and above all a lot of patience. In short, no one will help you for free, unless they are interested in your project. In that case you should present it and see if someone is interested, but without a fan of making you feel bad: ask for help so you will not be taken into account. On the other hand, modding, despite being laborious and tedious, is not that difficult to learn. If you want, I will share tutorials that have helped me, if you do campaigns I think you will know about AI and its programming. Similar rules are followed in modding. Try to learn it, you will not regret it and if you are not interested, do what I told you at the beginning.
Finally, even if you had a mod for your campaign, the mods are not activated in a campaign, because every time they start a scenario in your campaign they will have to select your mod.