Modding Tools is going to be the game changer that will put AoE4 on top of RTS in the not too distant future

A brutal editor (the best of the aoe series), deep and that can strongly help devs from the modding community.
Prepare for substantial changes.


Im working on scenario scripting and having a blast.
Made a “Crater” map generation like in Aoe2, players start in “barren” low elevation close to each other and to the middle that only has gold and stone around them. The edges of the map are covered with higher elevations and beyond them are the lush forests (and many wolves!) players need to get to. So its an early aggression(starting close) and expanding outwards after the skirmishes settle (in theory)

been really fun learning it, still havent done much with the tuning packs but i’ll be working on that shortly as well!
It does look like scenario editing is harder as testing your map on the fly is less viable, but the tools themselves are much more in depth than the bugged trigger-handling we had in aoe2


There are many apocalyptic and unconstructive people in this forum who do not know how important this is, nor do they see the possibilities that are going to exist with these deep editors. I’m glad you’re testing.


This is good news. Let’s hope they implement some of these maps in Ranked & Quickmatch. Currently the game really lacks maps.

Unfortunately, I remember from AoE2 that scenario games were never very popular. Most of the people kept playing official maps.


In games like SC2 most if not all ranked maps were made by players.
The development team choose the most popular community maps and made them official. Often they made small adjustments though.

I think that could be nice for AoE4 too.
AoE2DE is basically always played on the same maps. I think it was like over 50% Arabia. Not very diverse.

Changing up the ranked maps for each season based on the best maps for the community would make the game more interesting long term.


Very good idea. I would love if the devs would make it as you suggested.

I agree, picking the best generated community maps every few months and putting them into the Ranked/Quickmatch map pool, would really keep the game interesting in the long term with basically zero work effort required from Relic’s side.

The only thing which we’d need from Relic’s side would then be:

  • Balancing
  • New civs
  • Bug fixes

You missed the campaigns.

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