Model Not Precached

“This model has not been precached.”

I added the unit attributes\sbps\races\mongol\campaign\unit_ismail_cmp_mon to the spawner list in the Mongol siege building. The unit shows up, I can build it, but it is covered with two large pink boxes that have the text “This model has not been precached”.

At a loss as to how to resolve this. In other relic games, like COH2, this happens when the path to animations file for that unit is wrong. I do not know how to resolve this with AOE IV. When I played the campaign this unit was displayed correctly. Do not understand why it isn’t now. I guess when I play the campaign a different load process occurs, as far as caching assets?

Interesting that this also happens when I build the …\campaign\unit_great_trebuchet_cmp_mon, but not when I build …\campaign\unit_scout_female_mon.


Same issue here. I was making a tuning pack and added another unit to the spawner attribute of a barracks. You can upgrade and train the unit just fine, but it just shows as red box.

Funny enough, it works with another unit at least until I get the upgrade

Added Landsknecht to English Baracks → it’s a red box
Added Royal Knight to English Stable → works just fine
Upgrade Royal Knight → now the rider model becomes a red box, on a horse.

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