Modifications to campaign scenarios

I’m looking for modifications to campaign scenarios. Three things come to mind

  1. In the Alaric Campaign is’ well before gunpowder so you can’t build cannon galleon, which is fine. BUT, is there a mod that will let the Goths build Catapult Triremes from AGE 1, which would be entirely appropriate for the period. I mean you can entirely do this in the AOE 1 version of Catalaunian Fields, which is 50 years ahead in the time line

  2. Is there a reworking of the last Cuman scenario, A New Home where you can do both the Bulgar and Hungarian versions at the same time? I hate having to choose. I want to do both. I want revenge and loot.

  3. Is there a modification of the second Cuman fight where you can crush the Tartars and instead of winning you can sweep around and CRUSH the Mongols on the other side? Or maybe just destroy Subadai’s tent as there’s dialogue for it? He’s such a ■■■■■.

I don’t think so, but you could always make them yourself.

OK, are there guides? Especially for total programing noobs? I have a tendency to be slow on the uptick but if the assets are there, simply re-enabling them or bypassing them shouldn’t be too hard…I’d hope.

Adding a new unit to the Goth line, assuming someone has brought over the CT asset, learning to crack the Lei Loi second mission win condition of a flagged place, adding that to the to the Cuman second mission, and then for the Cuman New Home, re-enabling the docks, but I also have to turn the either at the branch into an and. That’s probably the most complicated.

Thing is, I don’t even know if I understand conceptually what I’m asking in each case. All could really be that simple or…given the triggers, changing simple variables could cause the equivalent of a bus crash.

No, if you grab the .aoe2campaign files for the campaigns you want, you can extract those and work with them in the editor. It won’t be so easy for Alaric though, because that needs a datamod. Kotyan is just extracting the missions and editing them. I could post better instructions later if you need them.

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OK, so I have enjoy scripting experience to understand that adding a unit is hard. So so noob experience, just re-enabling the cannon galleon would be way easier then, and then finding/making a reskin of the catapult trireme?

The other are simply modifications of the missions themselves. Would I be able to play them as the campaign missions or would they have to be accessed in like custom campaigns?