Modifying Advanced Genie Editor

  1. Unit classes- there are tons of unused classes which only confuse the users. Spearman, Two Handed Swordsman, Pikemen, War Elephant, Elephant Archer.
    a. The class Scout has only Scout Cavalry, not even Light Cavalry and Hussar. The Scout Cavalry can be classified to be in Cavalry class, as expected.
    b. There should be a separate class for Skirmishers and Genitours. There are a lot of archer technologies and bonuses which should not be affecting these units, like Tower Shields (Italian UT 1). So instead of defining it to be +1/1 armor for all archers, it is defined for specifically Archer line and Genoese Crossbowmen. Cons- when playing certain scenarios or when forcing the tech on other civs, other archers like Plumed Archers are ignored. Also Hero Archer units which are more common are ignored.

  2. Armor classes- there are some unused numbers in armor class definitions, like 0, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12. So instead of extending the list beyond 30, these numbers can be used.
    a. If numbers beyond 30 are being used, they should be displayed in drop down menus and named for clarification. Like armor class 32 be names Condotierro just like armor class 1 is names Infantry.

  3. This one is very common so listing separately. Parthian Tactics! Does not work for any hero unit. I don’t know why devs went for the route of defining the effect for each and every unit. Better be defined as +1/+2 armor for Class Cavalry Archer. +2 vs Spearmen for Class Cavalry Archer. +2 vs Spearmen for units Cavalry Archer and Heavy Cavalry Archer (effectively making +4 for these 2 units as implied).
    a. Civilizations missing Ring Archer Armor bur having Parthian Tactics are missing out on armor for Genitours. Maybe cap the (Pierce) Armor for Genitours at 8 (except Tatars, 9).

  4. Decreasing armor values- The new Genie Editor cannot decrease the armor values. When applied to have an effect of -1, it changes to 255. That is -x changes to 256-x. This can be used sometimes. I don’t know if it holds for attack values also or not.

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