Modifying civ icons in the menus

I’m working on some custom civs, and the only things remaining on the first one are UI issues - reskinning, modifying the castle and Wonder, and the civ icons.

Of these, the civ icons are the only ones not responding to file changes. I’ve managed to get one of them, the large one in the select screen, to change, but the smaller icons on the civ bar and on the tech tree remain Britons, despite references to the Britons being overwritten. In a skirmish with the AI, the large icon up top remains Britons as well, as does the small one by the score counter.

Where are the files that control these? It is not in any of the three places I have been told before (\resources_common\wpfg\resources\civ_techtree, \widgetui\textures\ingame\icons\civ_techtree_buttons, or \widgetui\textures\menu\civs), and I am running out of ideas.

could be a bug and worth reporting. they broke a few things including sound file replacement, icon and string replacement so this might be one of the thing they broke with last several patch