Mods and scenarios kept the game alive?

Honestly do you guys think mods and scenarios kept this game life? There’s so much more to this game then a simple 1v1 Arabia game.

All sorts of crazy things can happen in scenarios. Diplomacy, all sorts of things. Crazy units and triggers.


The answer for scenarios is clearly no. This game would already be death if is was only about scenarios.

Mods pretty much depends which mods you mean. But it is mainly platforms like Voobly that kept the game alive in the past after Microsoft ignored the game. WIthout Voobly no HD and no DE. I am pretty sure about that. At voobly you had mods like the Forgotten Empires, which was the base for Microsoft to release HD and some expensions. Still you was better of playing at Voobly. Mods like the Wololo Kingdom mod to port HD and HD balance to Voobly let the game survive for so long. In the end microsoft even created DE.

If the game should stay alive based on just custom scenarios and diplo games, then this game would never got a HD version. We dont even have to talk about DE. It would never happens. Keeping the game alive isnt really related to there is so much more then 1v1 Arabia. It is about a player base that kept playing the game at high level. That is really the reason why this game is still alive. Without this diehard player base, we would be nowhere.


Yes, for me. I mostly play SP so trying new things keep your interest on the game


Mods and scenarios kept my interest

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the flexibility given to the game kept it alive, it allowed those players to keep playing it in whatever capacity they could, honestly it seems like anymore these companies are so greedy they are making it harder for you to give them your money and interest.

game belongs to the players, let them play it however they want and it will never die. Why do you think the standard deck of cards has been sold probably billions of times. People could always find ways to play that game, even if they lost a card or two.

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Yes. Mods made HD and DE possible.


FE and a ton of luck are the reason the game got HD and DE. If MS wouldn’t have seem the potential, there’d be nothing nowadays.

well they killed the modding community by disabling graphics… cant play lord of the rings mod anymore :frowning:

now im playing cracks to play the mods

Is it luck or seeing potential profit?

There’s a work-around now. All is good :slight_smile:

how?.. mods still doesnt work for me

well, the mods need to be updated, the slp files need to have the right name format, otherwise it wont load them.

had something to do with the last patch getting the game to load faster.

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