Mods disappearing

Current build. Steam. Windows 11

Every time I restart the game random mods disappear. I try to resubscribe and they appear in my installed list. I then restart the game to make the mods work and often the newly resuscribed mods are gone again. However sometimes some of them stay.

Cannot play the game as a result.

This might be the final straw.

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Same issue here. Added most back in, restarted to make all of them work and whoop some where gone again.


Many people on the AoE2 France Discord have reported the same issue. Let’s hope for a resolution and a backup so that we don’t have to re-subscribe to everything. It would be so sad.

140MODs totally disappeared from “MODs” file for me.


It delete my mods everytime i start the game.


The game is in complete mess. Thank you people that wished this game on console. Now It’s rotting because devs have others worries.
I want to 100% achievements


Same problem here, seems almost like its random mods keep disappearing. The no intro being the main one that goes missing everytime


Same issue here.

When the game starts:

  • mods/mod-status.json is updated, and keeps only ~10/12 random mods
  • mods/ subfolders are deleted

Really annoying…

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Same thing happened to me. Most mods completely gone. Can’t play without mods, hope the devs respond to this soon.

Flagging the “truth” wont fix it. Just warning. But it worries when he have some coincidences and the state of a game becames worse.

is there any way to recover mod list? I had over 150+ mod installed and took me weeks to test each one out and now all gone in second.
having no issue yesterday but later I re-open the game and now everything is gone.


How is anything you wrote useful? How is this related to the topic?

Please fix this problem.


Same issue. Mods disappear every time the game is restarted.


Same issue here. What’s especially annoying is that some mods will only install after quiting the game. But quiting game will also unsuscribe you from them! It’s a catch-22! I only hope they fix this soon.


same here, can’t play the game until this is fixed

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This should be fixed now, as of about a half hour ago.

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No it is not fixed. Please try again.

In what way is it not fixed? Please provide details.

mods still disappear after relaunch of the game. So i have to re subscribe every time.

We’ve seen some cases where the game has to catch up with what the server thinks you have. But once you resubscribe to mods, those should remain subscribed.

If you log on to the web site with the same account you use to launch the game (Steam or MS), you can view your subscribed mods there, which will be what the server thinks you have and what the game will be trying to sync to.