Mods disappearing

Seems to be ok now, thanks for fixing it so fast.

It seems to work again now!

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Most of my mods have disappeared from the game. I’ve been playing it since launch, so I accumulated a lot mods from playing the events. Upon checking today, many of them were just gone. I had over 70+ mods before, now only 26 show up. Mods I won from participating in the first new year even in 2020, or the summer event with trebuchet projectiles turned into beach balls events, they’re nowhere to be seen. This is really upsetting :frowning: I love using my visual mods from the events.

Message me with your user name and, if steam, your steam id and I can likely restore them for you.

Hello @DodoNotDoDo I was referred to you from Felizon89, I have had the same issue with my mods disappearing after the last patch, I had over 100 from all of the different monthly events which I really enjoyed and now only have 31 that show up, Felizon said you might be able to restore them? my username is JohnXtreme7

i had all my non local mods just disappear with last patch, but what i also noticed was certain event mods enabling themselves on their own with no input on my end after a restart

I’ve restored your subscriptions. They should reappear once you start up the game again.

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Thank you @DodoNotDoDo ! I got a portion of them back, I was at 31 and now at 57, I had a bit over a 100 before, I believe I had everyone from each monthly event and maybe a dozen downloaded, do you know if it’s possible to get the rest back? Thanks again

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Try again now. Looks like I missed some or something the first time.


I believe they are all restored now, thank you, you’re a lifesaver @DodoNotDoDo !

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