Mods Don't Work Any More!

The last patch from February 25, caused ALL mods to stop working.

I tried different mods.
None of them is working.

Please fix that ASAP.

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Same here. Hopefully, It’ll be fixed soon.

Are you sure the mods arnt simply outdated?

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I updated my Mod after the patch, and it still won’t work.

I already have done that a few times before and it worked every time.
But now, nothing I do works.

Are you the creator or a user of the mod?

I am both, creator and user.


I tried converting XMLs to XMBs, and my data mod started working again. If it’s a data mod, try that with Resource Manager. It’s in the Modding section in the AoE3 forums here.


Yes, you are right.

Converting the modified XML back to XMB makes the Mod work.

In the past there was no need to convert the XML back to XMB.

Thank you for the tip.

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