Mods - Game Modes Descriptions

Creating game mode with larger amount of options causes game to be not able to properly format it. In one case there is no option to properly format it as essence editor lacks option to create proper formatting.

Incorrect split, that happens between second and third row of options ingame and onward. No split exists, game merges rows together. Rows should always be correctly split.

This is how it looks correctly split between first and second row of options ingame.

Game cuts game mode description, once its longer than 6 lines. It should instead provide scrollbar.

Checkboxes/Bools do not wrap text. Comboboxes/Enums wrap text. Checkboxes should also wrap text.

If there is only single featured option column and two or more non featured options column, game will leave third column empty and place all non featured columns on second row. Game should always use third column if its provided.

Once there is more featured options than certain amount of characters, they are cut and not displayed. Header should automatically wrap into multiple lines.

Both 2 previous screenshots shows lack of option to properly show both description for an option and proper feature of it during loading or in header. Currently we do not have option to choose how we want game to display option in header of game setup overview and during the loading.

Current behavior is:
Bool Options - Overview uses option summary, Loading screen uses option description.
Enum Options - Overview uses selected enum value summary, Loading screen uses enum option description.
Simple fix:
Enum Options should show during loading screen enum value summary.

Best case behavior would be:
Loading screen for both bool and enum options uses separate category from Display Name, Summary and Description. Lets call it Loading Summary, so modders can choose what kind of description they want to provide to user during loading screen.

Gamemode itself should also have Loading Summary to allow short briefing during loading screen.

Also I would like to ask devs for finishing implementation of integer/float slider option for options. Creating enums for large amount of values is extremely painful and user unfriendly. Current state of integer option is not good enough to be used as it lacks ability to define minimum, maximum, is integer or float and value change.


Wow, thanks @Woprok! The attention to detail and feedback provided here is great. I’ll make sure the UX/UI team takes a look. Much appreciated!