Mods still get diabled on every update

Hello, am i the only one still bothereed that the mods agai nand again get disabled on updates?
if you subspriced to many many mods, many inactive, lots of active. this is a huge bother. espcecially bad for modders which like to keep subscribed stuff around as reference material so you end up with 100+ mods and each update you need to sort out the 25 you wanted which can be difficult with many similair mods that you prevously subscrided to fine tune which one you liked most.

thankfully patches only happen rarely so not a bad as in the past. but still. cant this be improved?

Pls voice your opinion to the devs so they see it sucks. STILL my time is getting wasted. No other game does this, imagine your keybinds erased on each update. WTF


To save some time you can put the 25you need in the first 25rows.
But yeah, its still annoying


i would, but you can only moe one up one down per click. it takes ages, and needs hundres of clicks to arrange…

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You’re right, but when you’re done you save some time after every Patch/hotfix.
That did the Job for me but dont have as many mods active.

Pretty sure if you hold shift then click the button that moves them up or down it sends them all the way up or down making it far easier to rearrange them.

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