Mods with sounds/campaign narrations not working for non-English character users

After Update 66692 fixed the problem with non-English users it seems that mods with sounds such as the AoE3DE gunpowder sounds mod don’t work and some campaign mods don’t have their narrations working, Even a few mods won’t download such as the Original Music mod.

Hey @Siegelad4112

Thanks for the report!
I checked out the mod you linked, it did work on both normal english and other languages versions of the game for me.

Just to be clear, the issue only occurs on non-english versions of the game?
Are you on the Steam of Microsoft Store version of the game?

Could you verify your game files, and if the issue still exists, send me the links of the mods you experienced not working so i can check those out on my end?


Hey @ConvertThis4915! Thanks for the reply!

I’ve verified my game files and the mods with sounds still won’t work on my non-English Windows 10 user.

Here’s a few mods which won’t work with their sounds:
[Age3DE] Age 3 DE Gunpowder Sound
Janos Hunyadi EN, Chola Dynasty EN, Apranik - Last Warrior of the Ancient World (Narration isn’t working, not the scenarios themselves).

Hey @Siegelad4112

After some testing, these mods seemed to have worked fine on non-english windows language pcs. Could i ask you which language your PC is on?

Also are you using the Steam version or Microsoft Store version of the game?

In Hebrew and the Steam version.

My Age 2 and Steam Installation, as well as my Windows version, are all in Spanish and I can hear Apranik’s narration.

After reinstalling and deleting the mods file it won’t work.

btw non-English system username not only the PC language.