Mods won't stop downloading (unable to download other mods and unsubscribe)

I’ve reinstalled the game with a new user folder which syncs my account but it’s stuck on downloading all of the previous subcribed mods from the cloud.

Is there a way to stop them or to properly download?

Also after deleting mod-info.json it keeps trying to redownload the mods and they randomly disappear.

Hey @Siegelad4112

We are aware of this issue. Another user had this problem and this partly helped solve the issue.

Unfortunately the only thing that you might be able to do here that i can think of is trying to install the game on another pc/network and hope it installs there. then you can unsubscribe them. The issue of mods not downloading is a known issue and is being tracked.

If the problem is not solved, please contact support:

Good luck!

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