I just wonder why I cannot use any mod other than those menu pics. All of the mods like population increase, colors, etc, cause the game to refuse to open. This only started after the Oct,20 update. How do I correct this?

Can you list the mods you have? Those mods may not have been updated along with the game and therefore are no longer compatible. Can you still run mods like small trees and other mods that are at the top (most popular) in the mod browser?

The mods that I have that work are: The Ghostblade main menu mods + the other menu items. The mods that do not work are: KJ 1000 population, Population increase to 2000, Larger Onager projectiles, KJ Unlimited population. When I try to use these mods, I receive a message that the game cannot run, and to restart w/out mods. For each mod I try to get the upgrades, but don’t know if there is one or if it was upgraded. I am at a loss as to what to do. Thanks for helping.

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