Monastary need to be better in Imperial Age (Read this)

I’m just saying that those changes (i don’t really agree with) should also apply in that case to missionaries. Why making a bad unit even worse? i can’t see the point of that.

You don’t understand, missionary is faster naturally, this is given them a boost will juste make them too fast, like a porch.

After the others features will be available for them, the speed improvement won’t be just available.

The scout cav line are used almost exclusively before castle age and in super late game trash wars. The militia line is used around the dark age/feudal age transition and sometimes a little bit just around the point where gold hasn’t quite ran out yet as a trash killer, with exceptions for specific civs like Malay who keep using it after that. Cavalry archers usually don’t get up to speed until the middle of the imperial age, despite being available from early castle. Battle Elephants are used in late-ish imperial age when people are pop-capped. Rams decline heavily in use when trebuchets become available, which decline when bombard cannons start comming out. Scorpions basically only come out in ealy castle age when people can’t afford a mangonel (okay, that’s just amongst the pro’s, but still.) The knight line and the archer line can be encountered throughout almost any point of their availability, but they are the exceptions. Most units are not useful in all parts of the game.

And monks are a special case anyway, because their use is limited by the human capacity for micromanaging them. You can’t make them useful in a full on pop capped imperial age battle, the best you can do is make them situationally very overpowered.

I think this is actually good idea. For example, Monk healing rate can be boosted by some Techin Imperial Age, making them viable support units. Also, Orthodoxy wasnt bad because of its effect, it was bad because was from UT from Castle, and noone would make Castle during Monk Pushes. But as generic Monastery Tech it would be actually quite nice, making monks more resistant to arrows.
So with more tanky, faster healing Monks with also some bonus (Byzantines, Teutons) can be very nice to have them if we use some gold-intensive army composition. Especially if those monks are the ones who we used earlier to defend, so they already returned their cost due conversions.

@TiptopBoot76715 Missionary is bad because cannot carry relics. This is very important feature. They also have less range. Give them that, and we will see them all the time.

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Thx you ! Like i said, monks are a waste in Imperial Age, and it will just make the game better.

You mean they need their speed boost for you ? I mean why not, but the bonus need to make them just a bit more fast, because if they are too fast they will be too Op.

I know about all of that, but every unit should be useful, like what you said they have their use, monks are good like i said in my post in castle Age but after they lose their main utility. It’s like in Final Fantasy, a unit with the Max Level destroy a unit with the same level because of their low stat, it’s just bad, they need to make it like Mage have low HP but strong capacity, more fast, and more useful than the others unit, because 100 golds for one unit in Imperial Age must be useful. It feels obsolete honestly if it’s not changed in the futur.

Missionary need to be able to carry relics, to be used over monks. Have already more HP, and is faster, but unability to carry relics is simply to big disadvantage, it takes literraly 1/3 usefulness from them.

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Oh Yeah i forgot about that, you mark a point, it’s true than in a close game it can make you lose. I will correct this thx.