Mongol and Tatar Second UU - Steppe Raider

Just like the Winged Hussar for Lithuanians and Poles, the Steppe Raider shall be a shared unique unit between the Tatars and Mongols, which is to reflect these fierce warriors who dominated the Steppes and excelled in horse archery.

It will replace the HCA upgrade in the Imperial Age, at the cost of 1000 food and 600 gold. They have a regeneration rate of 15HP per minute.


Base HP: 70
Base Armor: 1/1

All other stats are the same as for regular Heavy Cav Archer, and are affected by civ bonuses.

Hmmm these civs definitely could use a mounted unit with the name steppe in it. Shame they dont have one. Maybe Cumans could have it too. Its a real shame no such unit exists at all… REALLY SHAME


Not sure whether the shameful one can throw their spear to 8 range like HCA

I dont think you understand what my snarkcasm was getting at the unnecessarity of yet another regional.

Im also a bit exhausted pf PCDragons bareage of less than high elo ideas

Look, if you are weary of my proposals, why not just mute me instead?

And to be fair, yes I’ll cut down on the ideas in the future

I’m starting to run out of ideas anyway

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Its nice to have a third upgrade for unit lines without a third unit like CA BE EA SL and scorpion but shouldn’t those be saved for future civis rather than adding to current civis who already have stepp named units?

Different people different views, some may want them for new civs while others like to have it for existing civs.

Besides, if you think of it, Mongols lack the last armor, and Tatars have poor conversion resistance.

Plus the Tatars are classified as a CA civ but their UU is only a cavalry. The Steppe Raider will confirm their identity as a CA civ

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