Mongol attack with the main building


Well, I don’t know, but this strategy made me pretty disgusted with the game.

I hope it will be fixed !!!

But I do not know how???

Going all the way close to enemy TC takes a lot of time. Which means a lot of IDLE TC time.
In 1vs1, you will win the battle of TC vs TC if the Mongols build it next to your TC.
Just have to be a little clever and always keep producing units from ur TC

had this happen to me multiple times, pretty broken seeing as the mongol player can just move the tc to wherever your villagers are gathering resources and kill them. Can’t react because you cant torch it as they just run away with it and so you are left with no resources while the mongol player adds spearmen to kill your vills.

This totally needs to be removed. The fact that the TC cart moves so fast and builds so quick prevents you from gathering anything. The mongols meanwhile will just follow up with a battering ram and you’re dead

I dont think you’ve seen what the Rush does. They park the TC in your base and kill all your vills by garrisoning their units. You have no eco, they have a small eco back home. If their TC is threatened to die they pack, unpack, healing back up.

Yea, I think they should create a safe area where enemies cannot build nearby just like AOE2. It should solve the problem.