Mongol Balance- Garrison Vills required for Ovoo production of stone

So everyone knows Mongols are OP… but i think that’s because not only do they get free stone resource, but then they get double unit production from that free… so its double buff to mongol. In AOE4 there should be balance in each civ between resource gathering, unit production, building production, water, etc…
I think that if mongols are going to keep the double unit production from ovoo, then they should be required to sacrifice some resource gathering by having to garrison vill’s in the ovoo in order to make it gather stone, and in order for it to make it make nearby production buildings produce double units… like maybe there is a requirement based on the type of building like 2 vils for each baracks, 3 vills for archery/stable, 5 vills for seige, etc…
That way you don’t get the econ boost AND the production boost… you’ve got a trade off of your vills to the production and thus the game gets a bit more balanced… there is risk/reward, not just reward.
P.S. Maybe it consumes a villager to do the double production? So you have to constantly feed villagers into the ovoo to convert them to the double production?

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I think Microsoft should be required to sacrifice some money into AOE4 in order to enhance the player numbers.


No thank you please.

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the ovo produces 106 stone that or you will not even reach me for a manguidai, it costs 160, please, in which elo do you play