Mongol challenge score

How does the score work? I managed to finish with 70 years left last game and got 35620 points. How can people have 63 000+ points? How is this mathematically possible? It’s 100 score per year. I could improve 10 more years or so but I’d still only get to 36 000 points… I don’t understand.

The 60 000+ people are cheating.
My best run I finished with 140 years left without cheating.
I think a player with a higher APM could get down to 160 years with the build without cheating.


What’s the point of a highscores if you can cheat?
And how many points do you get at 140 years? Is it just years x100 or do your points multiply as you clear enemies faster?

“What’s the point of a highscores if you can cheat?”
There isn’t one. Ignore the leaderboard.
(obvs the reason it is there is because the devs didn’t foresee the cheating).

“How many points do you get at 140 years”
Depends you still git score same as any game for eco/society/kills etc.
To finish fast you must distract most of the enemy army instead of killing it so you get less millitary score. My best score is not my fastest time but when I lured the enemy into my castles to get high kills with no deaths at the start.
for 140 years think I got 41000 points.

I see. I got 88 years and 38120 score now. It does seem to scale somehow.

I’ve gotten 41k points with a little over 100 years remaining. I think there’s room for booming and killing enemy units to get a higher score, if you spend more time playing (optimizing for score, rather than for completion time).

If I use Ctrl+Shift+F[1-9] to delete the key buildings immediately at the start, I get 48k.