Mongol change is going to the wrong direction!

This civilization is too weird which might needs to be reconstruct.
What you can witness in frontline are Towers, spearmen, villagers.

I am not talking about balance. It’s just never like mongol you know, that’s what I mean to say.


Exactly, it feels like a builder civilisation due to its tower rush.

I want to see it doing well using its main cavalry army.
To do that, it would need more unique units
Such as:

  • Heavy horse archer
    -Steppe Lancer etc kind of units

Then devs could make mongols weaker somewhere else but give them back some strength in the early game. I mean it says “aggression” in the civ discription. Placing two towers into enemy base and going straight for the third out of four ages is very far away from being an aggressive playstyle. I do not understand why the overall meta of skipping two out of four ages in general doesn’t lead to more criticism. Aoe4 has no such thing as hill bonus. It does not have micro involved when facing bows and the pace is so slow that the defender has literally got an eternity to find an appropriate reaction. With offensive strategies being even less powerfull now we are approaching an economy simulation game.

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I agree with this point!



Whether or not you ppl are tired or not the devs current identity of mongols is a mobile aggressive civ. A lot of suggestions suggested are aimed at making this civ strong turtle wise ( like the 100w pasture that spawns sheep every min??wtf)

IMO these are the changes mongol needs.

Ger cost change from 100 wood to 120 wood but now grants 10% bonus drop off. This is to incentive map control and marries well with their mobility.

Mongols get the 15% hunt upgrade for free at the start of the game no need to research the normal version. Incentivize taking the map.

Pastures need a nerf to further incentivize early map control. Spawn rate gives 1 sheep every 150s and CANNOT be sped up by placing near ovoo

All economic stone version upgrades now only 50% of of the gold cost associated with the original upgrade. Examples wheelbarrow cost 50w and 150g, so i suggest the stone version cost 75 stone.

The ovoo building influence radius should be doubled.

Early horseman should start with plus 3 range armor and progress thru the ages like so: 3 in dark, 3 in feudal, 4 in castle and 4 in Imperial. this would be an indirect buff to mangudai in a mix of horsemen/mang and this would give both dark and feudal an alternative aggressive approach because you could afford to run under enemy TC for very very early raids.

slivertree now spawns traders for free, 1 at completion of construction then 1 every 70 seconds. This would not ramp up as fast as current silver tree double trader action but it would be free 150 resources every min ish and potentially waaay more for the more traders you keep alive long term. Free traders means you can spend all resources on towers and defensive/aggressive military, but 70s means it would NOT immediately get out of hand. Also silver tree traders start with 200 health.

Step redoubt bonus drop off on gold should becomes a bonus drop off on all resources by 20-30%.

Yam network bonus lingers for 10 seconds on villagers and traders only. This was removed originally for the military abuse, now it should return for economy only.

So just casually giving them Improved Processing (an Imperial Tech) +2% in the dark age? that is way too much.

Now this is a great idea, you could even make it the improved version but remove or postpone professional scouts so that way you actually have to go to the deer/boar to profit.

I think mongols need some economic bonuses at the start of the game but just giving them global bonuses that scale that good would instead give them better late game and just kill the mobile aggresive identity.
Another great idea i saw someone else suggest was making mongol units ignite buildings earlier, i don’t know if it would be too dificult to add to the game but changes like that would make sense to me.


ok, the mongols went down, an idea that I have is that a technology that gives more hp to the outpost in the age of castles, the other civilizations improve their towers more than 1000 hp, if it continues badly they can return the heavy cavalry that they had at the beginning

Changes needed for mongols:

Horsemen need more ranged armor early.

Lower the cost of Tortch Upgrade. (100F 100G)

Make bounty scalable by age instead of upgradable.
(25 dark age, 50 feudal, 75 Castle and imperial)

Switch Kurutai with Silver Tree.
This allows for early feudal aggression and makes mangudai far more competative feudal unit. Without needing to change mangudai.

Silver tree in castle now grants all markets reduced cost on trader production.
Ans Silver tree grants ovoo effect upon itself. (Meaning it can double produce and imp upgrade without need for ovoo or prayer tent)

The beastyQT idea for Ger.
Make resource drop odd on specific Ger increased by 5% every 1000 resources dropped off. To a maximum of 15% for the specific ger.

Give mongol imp surviv techniques by default. To incentives going after hunts instead of staying stationary.

Give old Yam speed effect but apply it only to cavalry/traders.

Make Khaganate Palace more a kin to Winguard. Having you choose what units you want it to produce.
Increase the production speed to 60 seconds instead of 90 seconds.

Alternative allow it to function as a ovoo allowing but granting triple production instead for buildings ontop of its influence

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With the data available as of July 19, Mongols have the lowest or second lowest win rate. Rereading the patch notes i don’t see any direct nerfs to Mongols, so i assume the tower and siege changes are main culprit of this.

Just as additional info here are the win rates over time for the present patch:

Then the same thing for the previous patch:

So, as Mongols players or playing against the Mongols in this patch what is different?

It makes sense to me that the win rate in the first minutes is related to (nerfed) tower rushing, but the new losing windows around the 35 mins could be because of the siege changes? Maybe there are some new bugs?

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