Mongol empire campaign completed 2 times in a row and achievement does not appear

10 days ago, using a form on your website, I already sent the following information and I have not received a response:

The last campaign that I had left to get the achievement, the Mongol Empire, the 9 battles won, finished 2 times in a row and the campaign achievement does not appear, and the achievement of having finished all the campaigns does not appear.

I am a strategist capable of achieving any achievement, in any AOE, if they give me time, without rushing, to achieve it, since I am a mediocre player, without agility.

When I bought AOE IV at its initial release, I didn’t finish any full campaigns, because I had it on easy difficulty, and not story. After purchasing the new AOE 4 DLC, I started its campaign and after crashing in the first battle, I looked at the setting and downgraded from easy to story.

On story difficulty, I managed to finish all the battles in The Sultans Ascend, and thus achieved my first finished campaign achievement in AOE IV.
After that, I started all the campaigns of the original AOE IV, from the first campaign to the last, battle after battle, and finished each one of them, and the successful campaign achievement appeared correctly on Steam.

In that order, the Mongol Empire is the last campaign I faced, I finished it successfully after winning one battle after another, with the required objectives.

Steam has recognized that I have achieved 100% of the individual achievements of the Mongol Empire campaign, the specific objectives that are requested in some specific battles, a different achievement to achieve in each of those battles.

The problem is that after successfully completing the Mongol Empire, Steam or the game does not recognize my achievement of successfully completing the Mongol Empire campaign. Furthermore, it was for me the last campaign to finish 100%, and I also had to get the additional achievement of all completed campaigns, and it doesn’t recognize it either.

In order not to bother you, I decided to do the Mongol Empire campaign for the second time, I did it all, battle after battle without saving and without rest, all 9 battles, in a single long session, but after finishing it again successfully, both achievements are still not activated.

I need an urgent solution, I am a computer scientist, and for this to happen does not make any sense, and is very demotivating.

There are other achievements that I have blocked, that should have been granted to me, but they are achievements where there is never 100% certainty of having really achieved them, but in this current claim, which is the only one I make, there is no doubt, it is 100% done and twice in a row.

I have attached 3 screenshots, and also dxdiag

Thank you very much and I wish you much success.