Mongol Hardest AI player did nothing for 6 minutes

Here’s a screenshot that depicts the story of villagers.

I got to Feudal and the AI hadn’t moved a single inch from its starting point. AI was mongols and I was Dehli. Map was Boulder Bay.

I tried to download or share the recording somehow but there’s no such option in my History. There’s just one option: View replay.

Anyway, if I were able to share the recording, you’d see how my scout reached the AI’s starting point and they were all doing nothing.


Thank you for the report @webJose. Any chance you have a map seed?

Appreciate it!

I don’t have it, sorry. Thank your buds for not including it in the replay. :frowning:

Anyway, I watched the replay, at 5:30 I think my scout passes too close of the khan, at which point the khan engages against my scout. I turned the scout around towards my TC (long way home). The khan follows. At 6:11 one villager is sent to build an ovoo and the TC is sent to be placed next to it, and then the rest of the villagers started doing things.

So, my guess is that the AI for mongols is set up to start by placing an ovoo, then the TC, and at some point, I gues, scout with the khan. So if I’m correct, tell the devs to make sure an alternative start exists for maps where the starting position does not have stone within the initially-revealed part of the map. My guess is the AI stood there doing nothing because no stone was on sight on second 0. First action should be, IMO, to start scouting, then place an ovoo, then the TC, but if no stone is in sight, delay ovoo placement but don’t delay TC placement. Maybe consider building the TC next to wood or gold, or berries, or even nothing.

Consider hiring me. :smiley:

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I got this one lately two times. Our map was black forest (2v2) map. Me and my friend were against two hardest Mongol AIs. They did not do anything for minutes. No unpacking, no villager assignment, nothing. It’s a serious bug that actually spoils the game and wastes your time.

The team is working on some changes to the Mongol AI. Thank you for the reports!