Mongol hotkeys destroyed when unpacking buildings

If you have multiple different types of building in one hotkey, when you unpack all of them (pressing T once will unpack every one), then it will destroy your hotkey. You are not able to pack them back up and keep the hotkey intact. If you have unpacked buildings in a hotkey, you also can’t hotkey in packed buildings. This can be fairly frustrating when you have all of your production facilities in a hotkey and unpack (even just one) to move it to an oovo. When packing them back up, the only thing in the hotkey will be the last building to pack.

Please fix this issue. It has caused me to lose games because suddenly I don’t have any production facilities anymore.

Thanks @priestjimbo! You’re referring to losing control groups, correct?

Mongol pack / unpack buildings and control groups

Yes, that’s right. Your control groups will be erased after unpacking anything.

Thank you for confirming. We are definitely aware of this one. Appreciate the report!