Mongol - Monastic Shrines upgrade does not always upgrade all Prayer Tents (Reproduced! Slightly unexpected source)

For Mongols, their Prayer Tent (Monastery) has the Monastic Shrines upgrade in Imperial Age, which lets them produce Ovoo Influence around any Prayer Tent.

Sometimes, this upgrade does not apply correctly to all Prayer Tents.

Unexpectedly, the source of the bug is if any units or gaia overlap with the footprint of the building.
I guess the game doesn’t want to put a “new” version of the building if there are units/gaia standing in the footprint.

In screenshot 1 below, you can see that not all the Prayer Tents are generating Ovoo influence. I also selected all Prayer Tents on the map, and you can see in the selection, that there are 2 versions of Prayer Tent, the ones with (15) and the one without (7) the Ovoo Influence. You can see that the 3 Prayer Tents on the right with 2 scouts and a Khan in the footprint are not producing Influence. This also happens with sheep, villagers, monks, etc.

In screenshot 2 below, looking at the selection of 5 Prayer Tents, 4 of them are not generating Influence. This is because of the deer standing in their footprint when they were upgraded.

Please fix! Now that I found the weird source of the bug. :slight_smile:


Reviving because it appears that this is still an issue.

In game build: 9.2.628.0
Build ID (from steam): 13266804