Mongol Prayer Tent cancels queue after researching Monastic Shrines

I’ve noticed a consistent bug with the Prayer Tent: whatever you have in the queue for all prayer tents cancels/clears out when Monastic Shrines finishes researching. Let’s say you have 3 prayer tents; one is researching Monastic Shrines, the other two are producing shamans or have research queued as well. The moment Monastic Shrines finishes researching (converting prayer tents to have ovoo influence) the queue from all 3 prayer tents will just cancel. They cancel even if their production is in progress. Production/research doesn’t just restart or cancel the current production. The entire queue from all of your prayer tents clears out and has to be restarted.

Thanks @ZapRowsdower! Long story short: there are two parts to this bug. The first piece has a fix rolling out with the Season 5 update, so it should get better. We’re working on the remainder of the fix as well, but I’m not sure of timeline.

Edit: My early morning brain combined “Season 5” and “Update 7.0”. The above response has been updated to be correct :+1: .